My Own CanJam Herb Round-up

Did that make you chuckle?   It did me.  Anyway.

I should just link to the Tigressround up because how can I choose?  Herbs left it all wide open and people rose to the challenge of canning awesomeness!  Here is a list of some of the entries that piqued my interest!

  • Oh Briggsy with Herb & Garlic Pickled ‘Shrooms.   Tasty sounding entry by my friend Briggs who, in a fit of overachieving, managed to both shop, can and blog before the real due date (& thus not making it into the official round-up.)  Bonus is I’ve been promised to partake of these lovelies garlicky gems this weekend at our “Friend-a-versary.”  Side note….how cool is to celebrate a “friend-a-versary”?


  • What Julia Ate made a gorgeous looking Hibiscus Jelly that has the most amazing color. Ever.  She also wrote about making Dandelion Honey and wrote about it in a sweet post about dandelions.  We both have toddlers and the magic of a dandelion is very much alive in our house as well.


  • Robbing Peter made a stunning  Mojito Jelly.  I am not totally sure what I would do with it…but I love mojitos and I love mint.  And the color of this was incredible.  I’m thinking this month might be about color!   I can imagine it in layers of a cake or something. Yum.


  • Doris and Jilly made Lemon Lavender Fig Jam.   Another blogger/canjammer had posted this in January for ‘citrus’…I loved it then and I love it now. I love lemon and figs what can I say?!


  • Showfood Chef produced Strawberry, Black Pepper & Mint Jam (adapted from Mes Confitures/Christine Ferber). Pepper? In jam?  How….bizarre enough to be fantastic!  Cathy reports that adding pepper really balances out flavors and I, for one, can’t wait to give it a try!


  • Market Life SF might have made God Awful Herb Mustard…but this is the greatest canning post ever.  Thanks for keeping it real!


  • innBrooklyn whipped up 3 tasty Herb Citrus Cordial– basil lime, rosemary lemon and lavender.  The idea is to have these on hand for when the mood strikes for a tasty boozy drink (just add club soda/vodka).  And really, when doesn’t that mood strike?


  • Well Preserved made me jealous with Herb Infused vinegar(s). 3 batches- thyme, rosemary and chives.  I wanted to do this!  And now I will!  I was wondering…then wasn’t sure if it would “count” for canning or if hot water processing would alter the taste etc.  Can’t wait to have batches of various vinegars to concoct summer salads.   I have images of a basement room full of more vinegars (plus oils and liqueurs) like we experienced in a Vom Fass in London (@ Harrods) a few years ago.  A sip of this. A sip of that.  Needless to say we left with armfuls of glass jars filled to the brim with our ‘finds.’


  • Laundry, Etc.  did it again with Rhubarb and Angelica Cordial.  Just add club soda, vodka, gin or tequila and it seems you’ve got a bit of spring in your cocktail!


  • Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking did a taste test first to get the right flavor combo!   Rhubarb Sage Preserves  sound divine.  I wonder what she’ll use it with?  Tell us Kate!  She also made Rhubarb Hibiscus Preserves that look gorgeous!


  • Mother’s Kitchen made May Wine Jelly.  Apparently May wine is a traditional German drink made with sweet wine and dried woodruff and is like a spring tonic of sorts.  Sounds good to me!  And we got a geography lesson to boot!


  • Knit & Nosh went for a “basic” Herb Wine Jelly, but what came out was not-so-basic!  They used Pear Wine and chives….and covered brie with  it and wrapped it all in puff pastry and baked.  Wowsa.   The recipe seems to lend itself to many combinations and uses….but I am not sure I’d get past the brie and puff pastry!


And….for May, chosen by Toronto Tastings Notes, we have asparagus and rhubarb as our star ingredients!   I imagine a lot of pickled asparagus and rhubarb jam variations…both which I love.  And local!  Finally something I can get locally!

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9 Responses to My Own CanJam Herb Round-up

  1. innBrooklyn says:

    I’m glad you did your own round up I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by all the amazing submissions and haven’t gotten around to reading them so its nice to have a short list to start with! Thanks for the shoutout – you are right about the mood for tasty boozy drinks striking often: our stash is fast depleting!

  2. robbingpeter says:

    I ate some of the jelly for breakfast this morning on toast. Singularly uncreative but tasty.

    I have been contemplating learning how to make jelly rolls to use up all of this jam.

  3. briggsy says:

    great roundup! and i agree, ohbriggsy’s recipe is awesome! 🙂 thanks for the shoutout!

  4. Kate says:

    Ah, yes. We ate the rhubarb sage preserves on everything we could possibly put it on: crackers, bread, ice cream, white bean tempeh, spoons, etc.

    In fact, I made another batch of the sage (and a tiny one of the hibiscus) to serve up on tempeh appetizers at a big party in the end of the month!

    I’m stumped for May. Perhaps I’ll figure out how to lavender-ize my rhubarb properly. 🙂

    • Kate-I’m a little stumped as well….I love pickled asparagus. Love, love, love it. And the Babylady can’t get enough. But my last true pickle experience last summer was so lackluster I am afraid to go for it….plus was hoping for something “different.” And I’m obsessed with rhubarb right now…but mostly in dessert and not canned form. I haven’t used rhubarb before really (other than the booze I started last night) so need to figure out some substitutions for things i have in mind!
      Mmm, lavender and rhubarb. sounds good!

  5. Susan says:

    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas Meg! I am now so excited for the Farmer’s Market Saturday and will buy herbs to make cordials. So excited!
    And for rhubarb, my fave is an upside down cake with a gooey rhubarb topping with vanilla bean ice cream. Had it in Seattle actually and now make it at home every spring.

    • Susan- Did you try the cordials? If so, what combo?
      Mmmm, rhubarb upside down cake! Yum.

      • Susan says:

        Ran out of time Saturday and it is crazy cold and rainy here in Iowa – not as much fun to dream about summer drinks. I will keep you posted when I make some. Headed to Chicago this weekend to see Beth. Yay!

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