Roosting & (hopefully not) a Rooster

The girls are fabulous!  They are so funny.  I could just watch them all day.  I want need  a “chicken cam”.  I’m tell you- pure comedy. 

I put in a roost and one of the Polish hops off & on throughout the day.   The Ameraucana was the 1st up, but hasn’t really done it much since.  I haven’t gotten  a picture of any of them up there yet. 



see the little comb coming in?


Polish Crested mid-cheeping (I think a White Crested Black Polish)


The Ameraucana. We decided today that we think "she" might be a rooster. "Her" eyes are super intense and "she" focuses on things differently. We'll see. I totally love her.


Their wings are amazing & the feathers are coming in so fast!


Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Roosting & (hopefully not) a Rooster

  1. cookie monster says:

    love them!!!! i don’t think the one is a rooster anymore.

  2. Angela says:

    They’re so cute! Love the close ups.
    It’s hard to tell if they’re roosters, especially if you haven’t had chickens before. I got four “girls” last September. Two were Rhode Island Reds and two were “buffs” of unknown lineage. Lots of hens develop combs, so I couldn’t use that as an indicator. I wasn’t sure of their sex until three of them started crowing. In hindsight, the roos were taller and the hen was plump by comparison, but I didn’t know that when I started.
    I ordered all pullets this time, so I’m hopeful but both the Easter Egger and the Wyandotte seem “bossy” to me. I’m hoping their showboating is in the name of packing order and not because they too are roos.

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