Chickens~ a Love Affair in 7 “Cheeps”

I am officially in love with the 7 ladies in the basement.  Damn they are cute and they are growing so fast!  Their wing feathers are replacing the chick fuzz and they feel slightly less fragile.  They all seem to get along well.

We ended up with: 2 Buff Orpingtons (had 3 but 1 died), 1 Ameraucana (a Silver from what I can tell) & 4 Polish Crested.  The Polish chicks were difficult to pick what type they were, but I think we got a Golden, a Buff and 2 White Crested Black.

The Polish Crested chicks seem slightly more timid than the other three.  Also, I do realize I am likely making it up, but the two remaining Buff Orpingtons seem somewhat subdued compared to before the other one died.  But they could just be laid back.   The Ameraucana is very funny~ she’ll grab a large piece of their bedding and start running and get all of them playing a big game of chase-around-the-brooder and soon they are hopping all over each other before abruptly going back to whatever they were already doing.

Their coop is being built by someone else.  This slightly damages my “I-Can-Do-It-Myself” ideals.  But, by the time we bought supplies and whatever tools we didn’t  already have and then tossed in all the carpentry skills we don’t have….it was clear what to do.   And the toddler + partner-writing-dissertation-until-June situation made it obvious: we weren’t building a coop.   We will however add a larger enclosure that the coop & run will be inside.   Somewhat aviary like.

Want to see my newest ladies?  Of course you do!

Look! They are getting their wing feathers already!

You lookin' at me? 2 of the Polish ladies

1 of the Buff Orpingtons

2 of the Polish Crested gals out in front


The Ameraucana. Is it wrong to play favorites? Cuz this little lady is mine.

Polish Crested (Golden, I believe?)~ I think she looks like a super hero. Or like someone tried to pinch off the top of her head.

Ah, here's my leading lady again. I wonder what her name will be?

well, hello there ladies!

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11 Responses to Chickens~ a Love Affair in 7 “Cheeps”

  1. Jennifer Jabson says:

    love love love these lil’ gals! Your description of the chicks game of chase reminded me of the mob dances!! Everything is fine, chicks going about their business. Then a few folks start dancing…then everyone is suddenly dancing…to a routine. Then, as quickly as it began, everyone is back to pecking their little spot in the brooder.


  2. Oh god jabson! Too funny! The Ameraucana Chick Flash Mob…. I can see it now! =)

  3. Elise Self says:

    Meg, so sorry one chick died. The rest are growing so fast. I won’t recognize them when I see them in a week! Elise

  4. Carbzilla says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong to play favorites. I have a favorite nephew – ok, maybe it’s wrong. With humans.

    I kinda like the looks of the Polish Cresteds.

    I can see that resisting chickens at home is growing futile, but we will do front yard to “farm” first I think.

  5. Tengrain says:

    That’s so cool – some of them kinda look punk rock to me! Give those chicks some guitares!



  6. I can see the superhero for sure. I can’t wait to meet them thursday! And check out your cute crop signs that look homemade. Much nicer than my reusing plastic stakes with sharpie over and over…

  7. Julia says:

    Cuties! Loving all your great seedling photos, too.

    And here’s something that made me think of you:
    Except there is no recipe. Hmmm.

  8. Julia- Mmm. I must find a recipe!
    Annette- I am likely going to have to end up with my sharpie and old stakes because I can’t seem to finish the rest that I need to do. A bagazillion of them. They started with cuteness and might end up just the names.

  9. travelmommy says:

    They are so cute – this is the first time I have seen them. How does Lucy like them?

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