Spring has Settled

I’ve love spring.  It doesn’t have that calming, kick back feeling of fall (which is my favorite season).  But it has passion. Intensity. Hope.  Promise. Chaos.  It is not unlike lusty new love.

Yesterday, I took a spin around the yard snapping pics of buds.   So sit back and get your spring fever on.

Tulips make me smile. I need more.

Kiwi making a hard-prunin'-comeback!

red azalea

white bleeding heart



one of the apple trees

the new apricot. or new peach. why the hell can't I remember which tree this is?

another apple

one of the blueberries

strawberry blooms (already!?)

the other blueberry


the new fig tree

the new raspberry

more tulips

little rose bud

lilac from over the fence @ the shit-shack next door

determined cherry bloom coming THROUGH the fence from the shit-shack next door. See! No one wants to stay there!

lavender redbud

Still with me through all that?   Good!   Then a gratuitous picture of something I made for the Babylady (via Ohdeeoh & SouleMama)!

Happy Toddler Noise Making!

It is in the back side of our yard with only the street on the other side of this fence and the (essentially) abandoned shit-shack to the right.

I’m struggling with whether or not to ever include pics of the Babylady on the blog.  I have such great pics of her…but should I post them?  Thoughts from any other bloggers?

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10 Responses to Spring has Settled

  1. You are way ahead of us, spring-wise, although I noted yesterday that the raspberries are sprouting new canes in the box I have confined them to; and the daffodils popped yesterday. It is, of course,not unlike New England to have this lovely weather followed by a raging, wet snowstorm that causes me to rush around the yard collecting the blooms before they are crushed.

    Re. putting pictures of your child on-line: lots of people do it, and I am not paranoid about child safety. But I am never sure that putting anyone’s photo on line, given how easy we all are to find. The other question is consent. Bitch Ph.D. writes a lot about her son, and she and I have talked on and off line about the ethical implications of that. We haven’t come to any conclusions about it either, so there you go. But depending on how you and your partner feel about these issues in other spheres would also be relevant.

  2. I meant ” But I am never sure about” — sorry!

  3. I know! Spring is so frickin’ labile! And I am impulsive and impatient. It isn’t always the best mix for spring gardening that is for sure. I couldn’t resist putting my beans and zucchini seeds even thought I KNOW I will have to restart them because it is way, way too early. And yet, I don’t stop.

    Thanks re: the thoughts on photos! That is helpful!

    Thanks again for the shoutout as well….I get a lot of people from your blog.

  4. sustainableeats says:

    your pics are beautiful and I LOVE the toddler noisemaking area!

  5. Tengrain says:

    When I started blogging the one rule my family begged me to follow was to leave them the hell out of it. And I have.

    It’s a hard row to hoe, I want to tell the world all about them, but… I made a promise. Bastids.

    My suggestion is until the wee lass can make informed decisions, you keep her privacy intact. Keep taking pictures, of course (blackmail is the darkest of dark arts of parents). Someday you can reveal all, and in the meanwhile just start thinking of all those moments yet to come when you know she is going to roll her eyes or deny knowing you, and how you will post a picture of her in a dirty diaper on the WWW.



  6. Travel Mommy says:

    We love your pictures!

  7. Beth says:

    Great photos. I heart tulips, best of all.

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