My Own CanJam Allium Roundup

A lot of tasty canning going on and my pantry is getting stocked!   As you might recall, March was Allium month for canning.  I made Caramelized Red Onion Relish and it turned out amazing on burgers (the homemade buns & ketchup didn’t hurt either)!

Have some onions? Leeks? Garlic?  Shallots?  Get canning!  Full official round up here.

Getting Pungent With It

  • Notes from a Country Girl living in the City Jerk Pickled Onions.  Jerk seasoning?  Pickled? Onions?  Hells yes!
  • Well Preserved Pickled Leeks!  Lemme say it again…PICKLED LEEKS! I adore leeks.  I even eat a bizarre(by other’s standards, not mine!)  leek/oatmeal soup that I love.  I can’t wait to make this.
  • Seasonal Menus & InnBrooklyn Pickled Shallots. Oh Shallots~ oh how I love thee. Yum.
  • Put a Lid on it Sweet Onion and Lime Pickle.  Sounds fantastic!  Sweet, tart and spicy. Mmm!
  • Prospect: The Pantry Curried Onion Jam. Wow. Versatile. Rockin’ flavors.
  • Mock Paper Scissors Onion Jam with Blueberries & Pomegranate. What a unique flavor profile- nice!
  • Tigress in a Pickle Onionz Limone Chutney.  Wowsa!  If Tigress wasn’t the mind behind the Can Jam Challenge I would have copied her recipe.  I even had fresh lemons that my folks brought.   Sigh.   Soon though. Awesomeness!
  • Leena Cooks Onion Apple Ale Relish.  Oh my, on a grilled ham and cheese!  I want to eat a lot of this. Now.
  • Oh, Briggsy Salsa Criolla.  Great recipe. Great post–chock full of picks, stories & video.  Fantastic!
  • Mother’s Kitchen Barbecue Sauce.  This was a great write-up with canning insight & thought process and the recipe sounds great!  I’ll definitely be making once my tomatoes are in season.
  • Stetted Figs & Onion Conserve.  Figs!  Figs and Onions.  Wowsa.
  • What Julia Ate Roasted Garlic and Candied Ginger Jelly. And pretty to boot! Heeeelllo!

There were a lot of amazing recipes but this list really piqued my interest!

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6 Responses to My Own CanJam Allium Roundup

  1. innBrooklyn says:

    Hey: Thanks for the mention! So glad to have piqued your interest! This can jam is such fun!

  2. aastricker says:

    Proud to make the list!

  3. Tengrain says:

    Wow! Thanks for the link — I hope that you like the jam. I’m grilling porkchops this weekend (already in the brine, baby!) and I am going to glaze them at the end.

    (I’m thinking about serving it over goat cheese as an appie, too)



  4. MK says:

    Thanks for the shoutout….we just had some of the BBQ sauce I made yesterday with a smoked pork butt, and it was great. Glad you liked it!

  5. Julia says:

    Thanks! But I’m starting to think maybe it’s too sweet. Maybe I should have added more vinegar? Maybe I should have just made some bacon jam and called it a day? (We haven’t been sleeping/napping very well lately…makes one a little unsure of oneself!)

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