March Mid-month Meanderings

Wow, that was a mouthful!

The yard is still pretty quiet this month.  Changes are showing up and I have done more of the ‘behind the scenes’ planning and clean up.  I have planted some seeds outdoors and  I have 2 flats of indoor seed starts that are growing well.

Let’s dive right in!

Walking in the gate~ nothing new, just a bit of cleanup


A bit further in is the near-completion of my beer/wine bottle edging that will separate my permanent asparagus bed from my rotating crop bed.  Just need to drink a few more bottles!   And today I found a fig tree that promises to grow well in containers and only get 10 feet tall! I’m psyched!

In this picture, notice the difference between the lush garlic on the right and the more measly garlic on the left (in my asparagus bed).  I only just realized that garlic and asparagus are antagonists and should not be planted together.  The difference could be so dramatic in part that the soil is also a bit better on the right, but it is definitely worth remembering and noting for the future!

fig & bottles


Next you’ll notice a big ol’ wooden ladder that we got for something like $2!  We are going to grow some of our pole beans on it.  I have threaded some twine for them to climb up.   We were going to grow hops on it, but it didn’t fit in the spot we imagined so we’ll figure out a home for the hops later.

The small trellis where we put the Babylady’s garden.  She chose the spot and put in a few strawberries, radish and snap peas.

Trellises big and small


Looking back toward the entrance I put fun orange edging to both brighten up the area and to slow down the Babylady from trampling seedlings and stealing plant markers.  The trellis on left will have snap peas and pole beans.   We have some new strawberries planted to the left of the rocks and walla-walla onion starts all around.     Along the edge of this bed we planted red onion starts.

A few plum tree blooms


Looking back you’ll see more than just the awful blue color of my folks rental car…you can also see the new patio spot getting started.  I started digging out and leveling the area.

Need to turn over the cover crop again!

more great trellising & a pot of mint


Not much has changed in this area.

not much changing here


I got the new espaliered pear attached to the fence.   I am pondering the upward growth and need to do some reading about how to espalier properly and if I need to somehow extend the supports higher.

espaliered pear and an apple tree and peach tree


I love the spruce, oak leaf hydrangea and paperbark maple combination. It looks gorgeous year-round.  The new growth on the hydrangea is gorgeous!

oak leaf hydrangea re-emerging


Outside the fenced yard are my 2 “Tater Towers” and 3 berries (Autumn Gold and Heritages raspberries and a marionberry).  I am still considering where to place the berries permanently, but for this season they’ll be in the pots.

berries & potatoes


Part of why I like this corner so much is that it faces the elderly neighbor behind us.  She stays in the room that she can see it from most of the day.  My mother and grandmother always stated that once they could no longer garden they would be desperate for a view of flowers and a garden.   So, anytime I am out there spiffing it up, I think of some of my family gardening mentors and smile.  And I hope the elderly neighbor enjoys.

cute corner


Some random closer pics of what is going on- click for closer look.

Fun box I got for free

radish seedlings

spring openings

Mmm, mint!

the cherry tree. kind of weird-looking bud bunch. Anyone know if this is normal?

5-way Asian Pear

New salmonberry--part of the "Take Back that Damn Hill" project

oakleaf hydrangea

just opened aspen leaves

blueberry buds (and a blurry strawberry flower!)

rosemary & chives


radish seedlings

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8 Responses to March Mid-month Meanderings

  1. artquilt says:

    I am really enjoying reading your blog. You have an enormous amount of passion with everything you do. I just realized that we are both located in the Seattle area, it’s been nice to have a jump start on gardening season. May you have a bountiful harvest.

    Thanks for the comments on my Suited to the Seasons blog!

  2. sonja says:

    These pictures look so good!! I’m excited to watch your trees bloom…

  3. Travel Mommy says:

    We have been enjoying being in Seattle and seeing the yard coming to life – it is an exciting time of the year in the garden. I have always told Meg that she had to find me a retirement home that had window looking out on flowers etc. I can’t imagine not having a view of nature!

  4. Your yard looks great! How do you like your concrete block raised beds? I was thinking of doing a couple for strawberries. The only thing I have been concerned about is the sharp edges with little ones in the garden. How have yours worked for you? Kim

    • Thanks! I am really happy with the raised beds–durable, cute and should be easy to put some sort of a hoophouse over this winter. The holes are fun for planting nasturtiums and marigolds and herbs, etc. I haven’t had any problems with edges and lil’ noggins getting banged up (yet). I have an old board that was found as driftwood over part of it and she loves to sit on it and eat strawberries and chives. Or line up “treasures”- pieces of gravel, pinecones and dandelions. =)

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