Intentional Epic (real)Food Fail

Dear Real Food Challenge

Forgive me I have sinned.   It was the birthday celebration of ohbriggsy (stop by and send birthday wishes and read some really fun posts)  & Double S.  I shamelessly ate a what-should-have-been-embarrasing amount of onion dip, fritos and potato chips last night.    No, the onion dip wasn’t “fancy” bougie variety. It wasn’t local sour cream with carmelized local onions.  We are talking the good stuff….straight up, hard-core, old school, chock full of additives  Lipton’s. AWESOME!  Really, it is the only way  in my opinion.

It was conscious. It was intentional.  Hell, it was just plain salt-a-licsious.

Happy Birthday Friends!


PS- The beer was local. I’m sure that counts.

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12 Responses to Intentional Epic (real)Food Fail

  1. Jennifer says:

    If you’re going to real food hell for onion dip then I don’t want to know where I’m going for the In-n-Out Burger I got us the other night, or for the pint of ice cream I got when my boyfriend was craving chocolate, caramel, and almonds. 😛

    *places bag over her head*

  2. Elise Self says:

    Meg, I love reading your stuff! I know personally about food hell. E

  3. We had a week of grief food cooked by others. NONE of it was REAL. We ate it because the option was worse (death is not something one wants to think about at a funeral.) Therefore, I (one of the official challengers) absolve you from your sin of consumption, and expect a penance of 5 real food posts in the future.

    Live well and prosper!

    Blessed Be,

    Alan aka Afriendof B

    • Alan- I’m sorry for your loss. I hope that you and yours are ok.
      I would totally hook you up with some ‘real food’ if I were closer (with a bonus side of onion dip)

  4. Jennifer Jabson says:

    I imagine you making this confession in the church of real food where the ‘priests’ wear chef ‘whites’ and the wine is made from the vineyard behind the church. The unleavened bread is baked fresh each morning from wheat grown in the fields near by and is ground by hand. I also imagine that your confession is accepted with the penance of 3-hail Marys and the requirement to blog about your real food experiences for the rest of the real food challenge. : )

    Thank you for helping us (me) to see that we are all human…and that even the most passionate of activist resisters sometimes intentionally give in to onion dip and sodium drenched chips….de-lish.

  5. Travel Mommy says:

    Come on – what is better that Onion Soup Dip – the good old Lipton soup kind – I am salivating right now thinking of it! Of course, Meg has sauerbraten in the oven for dinner so maybe I will forget the “dip.” Gee, I wonder if she is making bread also????? I could get totally spoiled eating here – and I am not even wanting to eat out – well, maybe a little—–

  6. ohbriggsy says:

    thanks for the birthday wishes, meg! sometimes you gotta have the lipton soup packet!

  7. sonja says:

    so glad you were at the party and loving the dips! i’m looking forward to giving you your birthday present, a lil bit late!!

  8. Sacha says:

    this is my confession. there is no way to make authentic West Virgnia style green beans without using CANNED beans. Fresh don’t cut it. 🙂 I too have guilt when I shortcut it. But I do it anyway.

    • What are west virginia style green beans?
      As a related aside….just as (for me) there is ‘fancy-ing’ up the onion dip- green bean casserole should only be made with canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup and little dried onions.

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