And some more seeds & starts…I heart spring!

New seeds planted (indoors):

  • Kohlrabi– Kongo
  • Peppers–  Long Thin Cayenne
  • Rutabaga- Marian
  • Eggplant– Little Fingers
  • Parsley– Italian Dark Green Flat

The Rutabaga should be sown outdoors a bit later and it isn’t recommended for indoor starting.  However, I didn’t realize that until after I planted it.  I’ll just see how it does and do some direct sowing later when it is the right time.

A quick check on the indoor seed starts and they seem to all be sprouting!

I also got a bundle of walla walla onion starts.  They came in a bunch of 100.  100 starts!  What to do with 100 starts!?!  I planted a lot of them scattered throughout different areas of the garden that were already prepped.   I’ll put some more in as soon as I can get some space ready.  The rest I’ll give away.  Walla walla’s are incredible…but they don’t store well.  They are sweet and yummy.  I pickled them last year and ate  them on everything.  I especially loved them on Chickpea Salad.   And slow roasted?   Mouth-wateringly memorable.

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