Food Inc trailer

I forgot to include this trailer to my Real Food Challenge post.  Watch it.  It is a must.  Really.  It’s only 2 minutes. Just do it.

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2 Responses to Food Inc trailer

  1. So glad you are in the Challenge! How is it going? Day Two got a bit crazy at my house. Serious Diet Coke withdrawals. Can’t wait to see what you are doing!

    • It is going ok…. I need to go shopping and get some supplies. I too was after a diet coke badly yesterday. Well, and today =) And I think I “forgot” that I need to plan ahead so had nothing for lunch yesterday that met my criteria. I But I stopped at whole foods and got a local pink lady apple, a chunk of local beecher’s cheese and on a whim, some local kombucha. Now, that was a nice discovery as I’ve hate kombucha in the past. Truthfully, I only got it because i liked the awesome bottle it was in and it met my criteria (local) and I was feeling desperate. But it was GOOD.

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