My Own CanJam Roundup

Wow. Some people made some cool and tasty sounded stuff!     Now, some of the 140 registrants didn’t post (what’s up peeps?)    After spending an embarassing amount of time looking through all the postings, I made a list of blogs & their recipes that stood out to me for one reason or another.    How nice of me… I did some research so you don’t have to! Though, there were a lot of impressive things….so don’t put all your confidence in my taste buds.  Go and check out the list yourself.

Gettin’ Citrusy With It

oh, briggsy… My friend’s highlarious blog….Briggsy is awesome at keeping it real and adds in funny clips.   Tangerine Jalapeno Jam and Boozy Tangerine Fig Jam and wowsa it looks yummy!

Backyard Farms Spiced Lemon Pickles were made and later enjoyed with a glass of port and cheese on the side.

Better Gardens Than Home Citrus Marmalade with Apricots.  The combo sounded interesting to me.  Plus they earlier canned some wineberry-chocolate sauce and I think that is intensely awesome.

Cafe Libby Libby made Fennel Pickled Oranges which sounded intriguing.   I had never thought to pickle fruit, but she seems to do a lot of it.  I plan to try it.  Pickled cherries anyone?

Delicious Potager Oranges with Dessert Wine & Rosemary.   I am a sucker for boozy fruit things and am unable to stop myself from fondling rosemary plants.   Add in some citrus?  Hell yeah!

Dust Bath Orange-Ginger Sauce.  Oh, how I love me some ginger. In anything. Plus, the combo of fruits (oranges, clemantines, mango & guava)  used sounded great!

Family & Food Lemon & Lime Syrup with Mint and Lemonbalm. While this wasn’t her ‘official entry,’ I love the idea for adding to cocktails.   I love citrusy-minty boozy drinks!

Diggin’ Food Honey Lemon Jelly.  Rich honey.  Taste of lemon without all that rind and chewiness.  Divine.   And, hey, she is local to me.

Laundry Etc Lemon, Fig & Lavender Marmalade. I am happy to have found this new-to-me blog and am looking forward to reading more about her canning thoughts.  And figs in anything…..fantabulous!

Le Jardin de ma Vie Key Lime Pie Martini Jam.    Boozy?  lime-y? Yum!

Leena Eats Blood Orange Port Marmalade.  Port?   In Marmalade? (Or anything for that matter?)  Yum!

What Julia Ate Tangelo Lemongrass Jelly.   Jelly! Awesome….I haven’t made jelly. Only jams & marmalades.  And I’m getting marmaladed out.  Plus, it looked super pretty!

The 3 Canners Blood Orange Port Ginger Marmalade.  Oh my goodness…port AND ginger?  Be still by beating heart.

Enjoy! And learn to can everyone…it is easy and fun!

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4 Responses to My Own CanJam Roundup

  1. ap269 says:

    Oh, I feel flattered!

  2. What a great idea to pick out your favorites. I’ll end up going through and adding most of them to my StumbleUpon, most likely. 😀

    I also like that you added some lessons to the end of your post. I might just have to steal that idea for next month… and maybe some of your marmalade too!

  3. StumbleUpon is a good idea!

  4. Julia says:

    Thanks for including me in your list! I am so curious to find out what the final tally was…it def. didn’t seem like 140.

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