No ‘Poo & a Cup

Over the past year-ish I have tried out some greener ways.   Some have been slow to catch on.  Some I am still working on a system that works.

1. No-‘poo.  I have switched to no-shampoo/conditioner at home.   I had heard about this vaguely over the past few years and casually brushed it off thinking my thin, scraggly & greasy-prone hair wouldn’t handle it.   After reading Melinda’s (of One Green Generation) articles on the no-‘poo way I decided to brave a try.   I found I loved it!  After the first few inital days of missing the bubbly lather, I think my hair has more volume and feels better than before.  It is cheap, available and non-toxic to both me and the world.    I use 2 squirt bottles.  I fill one of them about 1/6 full of baking soda and add water.    The other is about 1/6 vinegar and add water and  a few drops essential oil. Currently using bergamot oil.     I could probably try variations of the mixtures…but it is working so I have been too lazy to give it a go.      It is easy.   Shake baking soda bottle and squirt on dry scalp and let sit a few minutes while you are doing your other shower stuff.   Then rinse with vinegar solution.   Easy.

I don’t do this traveling. I mean quite honestly….airline security is enough of a pain in the ass without attempting to haul along my vinegar stash don’t you think?    I will say though that when I use shampoo again the lather of it feels wierd and my hair gets stringy.

Converted?  Yep.

2. Diva Cup. I had seen this product.  And been quietly curious, grossed out and terrified of it.    Perusing the blogs while on maternity leave I found the full scoop from Deanna over at The Crunchy Chicken.    I finally had the guts to give it a go.   I was postpartum then, and not yet having a period, but went ahead and purchased it so I would be ready when the inevitable arrived.    At the risk of too much information,  it was a bit messy at first while I was figuring out.  Oh hell, I’ll be honest–it looked a little bit like a massacre had occurred in our bathroom.  It was a mess.  I was a mess.   There were showers taken.  But a couple attempts & google searches on folding techniques and you get it figured out.  And then!  Then!   Life changing bit ol’ a-ha moment!   Having your period is no longer a week of feeling yucky.  You empty twice a day and you are on your way. You don’t feel it.  You don’t have to think about it.  You don’t have to buy tampons.  You aren’t sticking toxins in/around your sweet girl bits.  No waste, no excessive packaging.



I do need some green & frugal solutions.

*What to do with the dehumidifier water?  Seattle is ‘damp’ and I have the little-dehumidifier-that-could.  Houseplants only need so much watering.   What the hell to do with all that water during the winter months when nothing outside needs watering either.     This thing rocks though.  We set our house at 60-62 normally but adding this has left our house a hot, dry 68-70 without any heating at all.    It is nothing short of a miracle.

*Seattle’s new yard waste plan.  I had my indoor compost system all figured out. Cute little counter top stainless steel composter that we could put all our compostables into  and add to the big compost tumbler outside.  Anything we were unable  to  compost (in a place with rampant rats) went in the garbage.   Well, now that food scraps can go into  the yard waste, I need a new system.  I want the stuff I can have for my compost, but no longer want to waste the other food scraps.  Do I need two counter top bins–1 for us and 1 for the yard waste?    Coffee grounds and veggie scraps in one and banana and citrus peels in the other?


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3 Responses to No ‘Poo & a Cup

  1. TinTin says:

    Dude, I don’t think I can do the no ‘poo thing. I also have short greasy fine hair, but mostly I just love shampoo smells. So I’m gonna claim that as an indulgence. I think I earned it being an early adopter of Diva cup! Toxin-free since 2000, biatches! Woooot! Glad you got it worked out, and I feel your pain on the bathroom massacre sitch. 🙂

    p.s. love the blog!

  2. Kate says:

    Aaaaah! alas. someone else who thinks about similar things as I do. I use a No Poo already, but something I buy for curly hair divas. I think I might try making my own at some point.

    I love your blog, glad the Can Jam brought us together!!

  3. Thanks Kate! Your blog is awesome too….looking forward to reading more!

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