Complete Randomness from the Oregon Vacation

Oregon is prettier than Washington. It is phenomenally gorgeous. Watch out Seattle. You have a lot going for you, but you better be good to me because I’ve moved a lot in my life and I bear no allegiance to place.

Seattle, you could start by becoming actually bike friendly instead of just talking a good story about being so. It is pathetic. Given the ‘green’ reputation you should be appalled. With Eugene and Portland you really aren’t even competing. I could also use a tad more sunshine peeking through on occasion during the winter.

We decided that we will name anything having anything to do with our future chickens/coops something to do with John Denver. Such as “hey, here are chickens. Esmerelda and Annie.” This isn’t crazy.

Rhyme & Reason might be the greatest song ever written.

I listened to nearly every John Denver song ever produced on this trip. Did I get tired of it? Hell no.

Grants Pass is really pretty and cute. Feels like a little hug. If you don’t engage. However that hug is tainted with unfortunate amounts of racism and homophobia. Which means I can’t live there. Not even if I can buy 4 very large houses with property for the price of my small Seattle home. I’d still have to call Jen my “roommate” or my “special friend” and not in the fun silly way I call her my ‘special ladyfriend.’

Dutch Bros. Coffee is decidedly horrible coffee. I apologize to any Grants Pass Cavemen (yes, it is the ‘home of the cavemen’) that I might offend. And while I realize that it makes a good ‘local boys done good’ story, it just tastes awful. Yes, I also realize I am a complete coffee snob.

I love Cafe Yumm, Ninkasi beer and Carte de Frisco Chicken sandwiches. Bless you Eugene.

I will never get used to someone pumping my gas for me. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself and I feel lazy and entitled letting someone do it for me. It is also the only time trash makes its way out of the car.

Every time I am not at work, I forget what it is I do for a living. This is rather telling to me. Clearly I am not doing what I should be doing. That kind of disconnect doesn’t come easy people!

I really like water & rocks. Rapids and falls also make me think of Pippi Longstocking and her barrel over the falls. Every single time. Fast-moving water= Pippi. Apparently she made a lasting impression on me.

I actually can eat pizza everyday and not get sick of it. And Abby’s pizza truly was legendary.

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