An “Atheist F&#tard”?? Interesting…

So since being accused of being an “atheist fucktard” I think it is time to get some things off my chest.

#1- I don’t hate religion. It is just not for me.

#2- I DO believe that religion-all religion- should NOT be part of government. This includes money, allegiances, writings, policies, public schools, etc. (However, I in no way feel this is the most pressing matter in our country. I just want universal health care, decrease military, decreased corporatism and equality.)

#3-I don’t care if you believe in a religion. If you believe in it, then go you! However, I would ask that if you claim to be a follower, then back it up with actually acting like you know what the teachings mean and say. Don’t live your life in such a state of dichotomy that it leads me to be shocked when you profess to be part of said religion.

My family is religious. My grandparents were religious. As were my partner’s grandparents & most of her extended family. I was raised christian. I have nothing but respect for those who find strength, conviction and safety through their religion. It is just not where I find my center or strength. If it is for you, FABULOUS!! I am sincerely happy that you have this!

My rant about religion is how it is USED, and quite frankly, BETRAYED, by some of the followers. History has shown us time and time again that religion has been used as a tool to kill and murder “others” in the name of whatever ‘god’ they are professing to follow. This is both a literal killing and a figurative one, meaning that there are people whose spirits and souls are tortured in the name of this ‘god’.

Do I think this is actual what this ‘god’ is teaching? No, but there are an AMAZING amount of people who hide behind this and use it as an excuse to further their own hatred or their own oppressive ways.

In this country people are “expected” to be Christian. To be Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Athiest, Hindu, etc is to be “other.” I have found it to be true that most Christains think and/or act like their religion is the ‘right’ one. The one that is “ok” to be in government, “ok” to be in schools, “ok” to be taught, “ok” to celebrate, etc. But seriously? Christianity is in it’s infancy as far as religions go. Ya’ll are hardly the first to come around (and in all likelihood, won’t be the last). Christianity is no better and no worse than other religions…it is just a different one.

Morality does not necessarily come from religion. People find their sense of right/wrong from many places (usually starting with their family of orgin). I don’t think those with religion have ANY more morals than those of us that don’t. Not a one. My sense of morality does not stem from religion. It comes from trying to critically think, remain conscious & connected with humanity and following what is kind, just and loving. Maybe you get that sense from religion. Maybe you don’t.

If you are part of the “center”- the white protestant center that is in this country- you might not even see the subtle (and not so subtle) ways that Christianity is both used and abused. Or see how it gets reinforced as the ‘right’ way all the time.

So, I’m not a fucktard. I am a smart, sassy, queer, outspoken, introverted, fun-loving, gardening, cooking, crafting, reading, traveling and thinking activist. I believe in love & connection. And social justice.

And trees

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3 Responses to An “Atheist F&#tard”?? Interesting…

  1. Carbzilla says:

    I’ve read back this far and I truly never would have guessed you were introverted. Hunh.

    That sucks that you were called a “fucktard” and that some myopic mom thought your daughter was a boy, but you handle it all with such wisdom and humor. And anger, ok, totally deserved. It’s like reading what I’d say if I had to say it, but I’ve never had to (I’m child-free by choice and somehow I manage to slide by every time I mention “Well since I don’t believe in God…”).

    PS. I have a shitload of scrapbooking stuff if you want it. I’ll never get back to it in this lifetime.

  2. Maura says:

    You rock! Hugs and love to you!

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