Some Stuff I Have Made

Jalapeno Jelly 5 halfpints)- Using part scorchin’ hungarian orange peppers & part jalapenos.
Blackberry Jam (5 halfpints)- Seems too thick. Gleaned berries (or ‘boo-keys’ according to the babylady) from the neighborhood.
Dill pickle spears (7 pints)- Yum! Partially cukes from my yard, partially from farmers market.

Refrigerator pickled walla wallas, beets, green beans.   All from garden.  The walla wallas and beets rocked.

Strawberry-lavender puree from the garden.  For  ice cream, lemonade & yogurt.

Pumpkin-Raisin Chutney with pumpkin from the garden.

Mixed Berry Jam with strawberries from garden and foraged blackberries

Jalapeno/Blackberry Jam garden peppers and foraged blackberries

San Marzano tomato paste from garden

Pesto: kale/chive, chard/pistachio, spinach/chive….many other combinations of whatever is green & good!

Slow-roasted cherry tomatoes from garden

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