Checking up

Time to think about what worked or is working and what didn’t or isn’t. Here we go:

Bolero Hybrid (territorial seed)
Kurota Chantenay (seeds of change)
Oxheart– heirloom (seeds of change)

I had no luck with carrots. The are scraggly and not very tasty apart from 1 very cool one that came out semi-braided.

Amethyst Hybrid (territorial seed)
Easter Egg Blend (territorial seed)

Must plant more radishes. Love the radishes. Butter & salted radish sandwiches. Radish and hummus. I’ve yet to try the recommended Radish & Peanut Butter sandwich~ sounds just wierd enough to be tasty.

Red Beard (territoral seed)
Green Feast (renee’s garden)
Red Robin (renee’s garden)

They were ok, just not enough of them. A bit scrawny. We had very good luck with the Walla Walla onions that we got sets of from the cousins. My 2 favorites were roasted walla wallas’ and pickled walla wallas. Mmmmm.

Magenta Sunset (territorial seed)

To be honest, I have no idea where this even went. Perhaps it is that thing that I have assumed is a collard green. This is what happens when you garden with a toddler that likes to gather things. Such as labels. Just saying.

Tyee Hybrid (territorial seed)

Bolted. Needs less sun or different planting time.

Speckles– butterhead (territorial seed)
Valmaine– romaine (territorial seed)

Liked the speckles a lot. The valmaine is ok. Will plant more for fall of both as they are both pretty good though would like to add more variety.

Fruit trees:
Honeycrisp Apple: has 1 apple but looking great
Scarlet Sentinal Columnar Apple: has 1 or 2 apples, also looking great.
4-way Dwarf Combo-Apple (Lodi, Gala, Jonagold, Summerred, & Akane): This is it’s 2nd year and seems to be producing a good amount of fruit on all branches. Maybe 4-7 of each. The Jonagold branch has stretched too far horizontally for my liking. Prune to shape? Is this possible?
4-way Dwarf Combo-Asian Pear (Kikisui, Hosui, Shinko, & 20th Century). There is a bit of fruit but they look a somewhat scrawny to me. One branch broke. Boo.
4-way Cherry Combo– (Sweetheart, Rainier, Bing, Lapine, & Angela): We got 2 very tasty cherries. But did discover a cherry tree on our property but outside the fence that we didn’t know was there. It is in desperate need of pruning, but SCORE!

Salmonberry: Original plant appears dead as dead can be. A cutting I took is thriving, though no fruit.
Duke blueberry: a few berries
Chippewa blueberry: a few berries
Strawberries (i think hood, quinault, & tristar?): loads of berries. “Boppies” to the babylady.
Serviceberry: this was a surprise as I hadn’t had these before, but I really liked them. Very similar to blueberries.

Just starting to ripen & we have LOADS of fruit. I have created awesome tomato cages and pruned them well. They look strong & healthy!

Sweet Million Hybrid– good for mouth-popping in the garden!
Frazier’s Gem
Yellow Pear
Green Zebra
Sweet Hearts Hybrid
Bambino Hybrid
Japanese Trifele Black
Ananas Noire

Siletz: picked 2. Decent flavor but not as robust as I like them.
Principe Borghese
San Marzano

Hybrid Blend
Di Cicco
Early Green

Again, the tag thief moved labels around so I don’t know what was what, but overall it was fun to grow and eat. And it was tasty. However, the heads were all small and the plants took up too much space in my opinion.

Nero Di Toscana: Mmmmm!
Red Chidori Hybrid: Not sure. I think I don’t like this. Too bitter. However, my dog loves to munch on it
Lacinto: Mmmmm!

Amazing Hybrid

Just plain not growing. Must figure out what is going on. I planted them twice. Dud seeds?

Small Sugar Pumpkin: taking over the world. We have had fried squash blossoms 3 times -yummy!- and have several pumpkins including one on the side of our hill!
Derby Day Cabbage: growing great and producing cute little heads!
Jalapeno– growing great!
Hungarian Heirloom orange pepper: HOT,HOT,HOT!
Sungold Casaba Melon: jury is out on it’s growth.
Rubine Brussel Sprout: I finally found it! Tiny little heads starting!
Beets: yummy. small.
Asparagus (Jersey Knight & Sweet Purple): in their first year and producing what seems to like a lot of spears.
Kiwi: growing completely out of control and needs some hard core pruning. I realized i didn’t prune it right to begin with so will do some salvaging in fall. But, we did get blooms this year on the female for the first time!
garlic (German Porcelain, Chesnok Red, & Romanian Red): harvest 29 total heads of garlic. Gorgeous and pungent! It is now curing in the basement. The scapes were great when we harvested them also

Cilantro– bolts, bolts, bolts
Parsley– good
Thyme– good
Basil– decent, but not great growth and bolts

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