Indoor Seed Sowing

Considering the day began with snow I don’t feel too bad about getting my seeds started late indoors.
In the past I have always used plant starts and I am excited to plunge into growing from seed.

I planted (all from territorial seed or seeds of change):

Sweet Million Hybrid
Frazier’s Gem
Yellow Pear
Green Zebra
Sweet Hearts Hybrid
Bambino Hybrid
Japanese Trifele Black
Ananas Noire
Principe Borghese
San Marzano

Uh, yeah…12 varieties. We’ll see what happens. I’m thinking some local friends might be getting some starts when I run out of space!

Hybrid Blend
Di Cicco
Early Green

Nero Di Toscana
Red Chidori Hybrid

All-the-Year-Round Cauliflower
Amazing Hybrid Cauliflower

Small Sugar Pumpkin
Derby Day Cabbage
Sungold Casaba Melon
Rubine Brussel Sprout

I think that I need to get a 2nd grow light to get ideal light for them so will do that in the next few days.

Hopefully they’ll grow!

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