Apathy & Milk Woes

I don’t feel like working out this week. It feels too consuming. Physically, I feel well….stronger than last time. How, I’ll never know. But I’m sleepy. And I’m mentally tired of the logistics it takes to train for an Ironman with a partner who is also training for an Ironman…..and a 6 month old baby….and both of us with jobs….and Jen trying to get dissertation ready….and all the other ‘life’ stuff. Coordinating workouts is daunting at this point. So, instead, I want to hang out, nap, and mostly I want to be completely irresponsible for a few days. I want to be lazy!!!! I want to stay up late drinking beers and eating chips! I want to sleep in and then go to a coffee shop and sit around drinking coffee and eating cookies! I want to putz around in the garden all day!! I just don’t feel like exercising.

That being said….I know this is just where I am right now. It is where I was last time. So, I just will keep plugging away at it.

I can’t believe we are 9 weeks from race time. Training has been a blur and that scares me. It is a bit nerve wracking to be getting close to something this huge that I scarcely remember training for!!! Yet, logically, I know I have done the workouts just as I did last time. And that, while I spent more time on my actual bike last time rather than in spinning that my bike strength is somehow better. Wierd.
The test will be STP…we are doing it in 1 day. That is 204 miles. I did it in 2001. But I’m old now. Oh yeah, and we have only been on our bikes outside 4 times….the longest of which was 72 miles. It ought to be interesting. 🙂 However, my big worry of that day is of a more “delicate” nature….how shall I say this? A breastfeeding mama shouldn’t go 15+ hours or so without some “relief”! On Tour de Blast after just about 6 or 7 hours I was bent over the toilet ‘hand expressing’ that precious liquid gold away…. impressive amounts I had no idea were possible. Thank goodness for real bathrooms!! Except, umm, on STP there are porta-potties. Going to have to get creative.

Not much else to say except that despite apathy setting in, I did manage to get up this morning at 5am and hit the gym and did my swim for the day before work. Tomorrow is a 75 min swim (should be about race distance-2.4miles)and a 5 mile run.

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